Moo Brew

The Art

John Kelly

Moo Brew’s label designs display the works of Australian artist John Kelly. In response to Kelly’s sculpture series based on William Dobell’s camouflaged cows, Moo Brew commissioned him to produce a series of paintings for the beer labels. Kelly suggested that the connection between his sculptures and Moo Brew was a little trite and that he wasn’t working with cows any more. Kelly now lives in Ireland.

The Labels

On the beer labels, Kelly rails against the apparent corporatisation of art by the Australian Arts Council: their logo shows an image of the sun and a kangaroo, which the council insists must never be altered or separated. Here Kelly has embedded the images in an art context. Of particular interest is Alien (Skull), which redefined the Sidney Nolan masterpiece The boy and the moon (also known as Moonboy), using the sun and the ears of the kangaroo from the council logo. Sucked in.


Moo Brew’s original brewery was located on the site of the Museum of Old and New Art – MONA. MONA opened in Hobart in January 2011. It is Australia’s largest private museum and displays a diverse collection that ranges from Ancient Egyptian mummies to some of the world’s most infamous and thought-provoking contemporary art. There is a bar, café, restaurant, accommodation, winery, cellar door and cemetery. Travel to MONA by ferry, bus, bike or car, and drink a Moo or two.