Moo Brew

The Beers

It all started with a bottle. Now we have cans.

It’s fair to say these cans don’t look like anything else, with more surface area for John Kelly’s art. The iconic custom crafted bottles are still at Moo Brew’s core, we’ve just given people a choice of vessels.

Single Hop

Single Malt, Single Hop. Nowhere to hide.
Single Hop is an all Tasmanian Pale Ale, using a single Enigma hop for floral characteristics and a touch of bitterness, and Tasmanian pale malt for body and a dry finish. Featuring a Single Malt and Single Hop – SMaSH in a can.


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The Moo Brew Pilsner looks to redefine the classic lager with a nice dose of German Spalt hops, challenging the cherished belief  that pilsners can only be made in Pilsen. Rules are meant to be broken.

Now available in bottle and can.

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Pale Ale

The one explicitly referred to as our Pale Ale is a contemporary American style featuring US Centennial and Tasmanian grown Cascade hops. These hops offer a pungent floral and citrus aroma, with a satisfying dose of bitterness. The Pale Ale has a complex malt palate, with densely layered Dark Crystal and Carapils malts making for a flavoursome well-balanced beer.

Now available in bottle and can.

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Mid Strength

Sometimes you might be in the mood for a big beer, but unfortunately need to function as a normal person. Enter Moo Brew Mid Strength – a full flavoured brew that’s just 3.5% ABV. How did we do it? By packing our tanks with new world American Mosaic and Tasmanian Galaxy hops, to create an aromatic beer with tropical fruit characters and a balanced floral hop bitterness. Add to this a mixture of German specialty crystal malts, and you end up with a big honey-coloured ale with a full and dry finish. Mmm, Moo Brew Mid Strength –  it’s just like drinking real beer!

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And sometimes rules are just too delicious not to follow. So it is with Moo’s traditional Heff – we don’t mess with this one, instead we stick to the gloriously old world german methods. The flavour and aroma is based on a yeast-driven banana and clove. This one’s head brewer Dave’s favourite.

Available in bottle and the first Hefeweizen brewed in Australia to be presented in a can.

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Dark Ale

Our Dark Ale is legendary, lightly hopped with American Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade hops. Using the darker end of the spectrum of crystal malts, makes for a nicely roasted dark beer that’s surprisingly good for a session.

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