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Single Hop

Single Malt, Single Hop. Nowhere to hide.

Our new tinny, Single Hop (we’re clever bastards), uses Enigma hops for floral characteristics and a touch of bitterness, and pale malt for body and a dry finish.

Get in touch with your local area manager for more information.



In 2015, Moo Brew released a Saison which targeted a dry, brisk beer, just right for long summer days. It maintained a predominately pale malt bill, and the addition of Vienna and Munich malt yielded the perfect balance against the tartness of the yeast, giving a dry, flavoursome finish.

Seasonal Stout

Seasonal Stout Colloquially known as ‘The Velvet Sledgehammer’, our Seasonal Stout is intense and deceptively smooth. Its rich dense palate is a complex matrix of high residual sugar, bitterness and an active alcohol vector. Stay tuned for the next stout release in 2017.

Harvest Ale

Our Harvest Ale is unique in our range of beers. We brew with fresh hops, harvested immediately prior to brewing. Moo Brew is located only 36kms away from Australia’s largest hop fields at Bushy Park.