Moo Brew

The Brewery

The Brewery

Moo Brew represents a challenging beer experience for all beer lovers.

We produce seven core beers: a Pilsner, a German-style Hefeweizen, an American Pale Ale, Single Hop Pale Ale, Mid Strength, American Dark Ale and Imperial Stout. They say the best place to drink beer is in the shadow of the brewery. If you can’t come to us then use our Store Locator to find out how close we are to you and if that fails our Cellar Door can organise shipping.

We also regularly release a range of small batch beers throughout the year.

Moo Brew contains only the essential ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. No preservatives. No additives.



The Moo Brew brewery was installed at Mona, then Moorilla Estate, in 2005. In June of that year the first keg was sold and went on tap at T42° on Hobart’s waterfront. In 2010 Moo Brew expanded and opened a second brewery site 10 minutes up the road in Bridgewater, Tasmania. Due to continued expansion all brewery operations are now carried out at this secondary site.