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I’m Rowl, not Jack. I’m the other brewer/beer nerd at Moo Brew. Every fortnight we’ve been brewing a super rare, one-off beer for members of this club. Here’s the deal: you tell me what beer we should do, I brew it, then you buy it. And in between, we nerd out on all the yeasty details as our beer baby comes to life. Want in? Subscribe below.

Pepperberry Porter, Please

The real taste of Tassie is in this can. Expect a dark caramel, toffee hit with peppery, herbal aniseed spice that builds sip after sip. It’s a holiday for your mouth and mind with this robust porter’s bitterness sitting at 30 and ABV at 6.6%. Big, bold flavours that feel like a big, warm hug.

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Rowl's beer nerd notes

Pat yourself on the back, you made it to my beer notes. I'm Rowl, not Jack, and I’m the other brewer/beer nerd at Moo Brew. Read on for the ins and outs of making the Pepperberry Porter.


What is the third and final beer?
It’s a Pepperberry Porter. We started with a classic beer style—a robust porter—with bitterness units of 30 and ABV at 6.6% and hit that with Tassie’s native pepperberry. It changed the flavour dimension tenfold.

What makes the Pepperberry Porter special?
Showcasing Tassie’s wilderness is pretty special, especially when you do it through beer. Foraging off the land and using what’s available is something that we’re so privileged to do, so this is an ode to that land, and the flavour of the native pepperberry right here in Tas.

What characteristics did I want?
We really wanted to showcase the pepperberry throughout the porter. As you know, the porter is already a dark, malty, chocolatey beer, so adding the pepperyberry has created a unique warm spice that’s really complemented the dark malt. This brew is truly one of a kind.

Anything unique about this process?
Apart from foraging for our own pepperberries, not really, but we did have to be careful with how many pepperberries we added and how long they boiled for. We ended up being pretty spot on and got the pungent spice we were after. We hope you’re ready for this one.

What made it great?
Sorry Jack, I made it great this time. The true hero of this beer is the native pepperberry—we managed to lift the flavours from the pepperberry to flourish in the porter. It’s a special combination and a nod to the island we call home.

Anything I was worried about before brewing?
That it would be that good we’d have to make more!

What’s next?
First things first: crack open our Pepperberry Porter and let us know what you think. Tag us in your beer review and don’t forget to give me a heads up with what you want brewed next. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can taste the sweet hoppy reward of our next brew. It’s coming real soon.

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