Every year we reserve a small volume of our infamous ‘velvet sledgehammer’ stout and cellar it in American and French Oak for 10-12 months.

The stout’s rich dense palate is a complex matrix of high residual sugar from specialty roasted malts, Centennial hop bitterness and an active alcohol vector which become effectively masked by the oaked character bestowed over time. Due to their varied history, each barrel imparts its individual textures. Once the barrel-ageing process is complete the barrels are blended back together to create the final beer, with an added complexity and enhanced flavour profile.

It’s certainly a momentous experience when you get your cold little hands on a vintage of Moo Brew’s Barrel-Aged Stout from Tasmania. And (if you need any more convincing) the 2020 might even be our best yet, taking home Gold at this year’s Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).

Available in limited quantities on taps and in cans exclusively online at Moorilla.

ABV: 8%
AIBA Gold & Bronze medal winner