Brewer's Feast at Abbotsford Convent

All Hail Moo Brew IPA

Religion and beer. Talk about an age-old pairing. Trappist monks and their trippels; priests of Ra pumping out emmer-brews; whatever puritanical mess spawned Coors Light; the list goes on.

So when we got a chance to brew a beer to suit the historic Abbotsford Convent (and the food-and-beer extravaganza of the Brewers Feast), what’d we do?

Went hugely overboard and made a 6.66% IPA. Sitting at 80 IBU and toting a hefty late-hopped Simcoe influence, it’s a real hellion.

It’ll be tapped for the first time the weekend of the Feast (plus we’ll be bringing all our usual suspects as well), so you can get religion like never before with Tasmanian Craft Beer in Melbourne.