Moo Brew x Collective Arts Brewing

Untropical Island IPA

When Canada’s Collective Arts Brewing asked if we wanted to do a collaboration for the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival, we said yes (as you would). Then we hit the hop-fiends at Hop Products Australia for something special. They obliged with HPA 033, an experimental new Tassie hop variety they only described thus: ‘big mango’.

Constraint breeds creativity, and this beer is a case in point. When the new hops arrived (on the day of the brew), we agreed re: mango, and tailored the beer accordingly. We dialed back to a relatively pale malt bill to keep the hop right up front. It worked, and we’ve got a single hop IPA that’s all about big, tropical flavours and colour, made in the least tropical place imaginable (Tasmania).

Our new Untropical Island IPA collaboration is a weird cold-climate lovesong to warmer places and the fruits that grow there. The art for the beer can was supplied by Hobart local Tom O’Hern, whose wild, raw works often reflect the very un-tropicalness of our island, and therefore seemed like a damned good fit.

Cans are only going to be available in Adelaide as part of the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival collaboration.