Bëlgian Pale Alê

We convinced Australia’s palest Belgian male to launch our Belgian Pale Ale

It was not our best idea.

Turns out Belgians aren’t that pale. Jens from Melbourne was the best we could find, and even then we had to bleach every hair on his body. Unfortunately, the combination of Jens in double underpants (don’t ask) and clogs means our posters and coasters have less ‘appetite appeal’ than we were hoping for.

But the beer is great.

It’s our second Limited Release and we accidentally brewed bugger-all, so it’s already a collector’s item, but we think it’s our best yet. Here’s how Head Brewer Dave describes it: ‘Our Belgian Pale Ale is a combo of new and old styles. It’s a new world IPA base but features some crazy old Belgian yeast that twists the whole thing sideways. I’m drinking some in double underpants with Jens right now.’

Sounds good, right? You should totally get some.

Where can I find Belgian Pale Ale?

Things we made Jens do:

BPA Billboard

BPA Poster One

BPA Poster Two

BPA Poster Three

BPA Tap Decal