Dave said we'd never brew an IPA. Dave Lied.

Let's get hopperised.

Our head brewer Dave Macgill is an IPA fanatic, but he’s always thought there were too many out there already. But then his ego started to whisper stuff like, ‘why don’t you have a crack at making the best one you can.’
His ego won, and here it is (the beer, not his ego).

A limited release (we’ll definitely never add an IPA to the core range, no sir).
It’s light in colour and uses a well balanced pale base malt bill, including specialty malts from Germany for some complexity. The hops present big fruit-driven notes coupled with a piny, resinous backbone that will make your tongue furry if you drink a lot.
This sprightly, heavily-hopperised (that’s a technical term), beast is guaranteed to stand tall even in this most oversaturated of categories.

ALC/VOL: 6.66%

IBU: 80

Hops: A shitload of Mosaic, Galaxy and Simcoe.