Grab your rosary beads: our new IPA is 6.66% | Moo Brew

Grab your rosary beads: our new IPA is 6.66%

We said we’d never make an IPA, because Moo Brew (and Mona) owner David Walsh isn’t into IPAs. Then we made a Limited Release IPA and made Walshie drink it. He did not fire us. Plus it sold like hot cakes (and won a bunch of stuff). So here we are—adding an IPA to our core range. And it’s a devilish 6.66% alc/vol. The power of beer compels you.

Our IPA is light in colour, using a well-balanced pale base malt bill with some specialty malts from Germany thrown in to give it some complexity. The hops present big, fruit-driven notes coupled with a piny, resinous backbone that makes your tongue furry (in a good way, promise). This sprightly, heavily hopperised (that’s a technical term) brew is guaranteed to reaffirm your faith in one of craft brewing’s most popular (and oversaturated) styles. Amen.

Available in Tasmania now at your local bottleshop.

Available at your local Moo stockists in Victoria and New South Wales from July.

Or just buy some now, below. You know you want to.


IPA Poster Image

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