The Freshest of Hops

Drink it fresh

Harvest to Hopping in Halfa.

Time is of the essence when you’re brewing a Fresh Hop beer. Luckily, we’re about the closest brewery in the country to the Bushy Park hop fields in Tasmania, so we’re able to get freshly-picked hops from the bine to our brewery in about half an hour, allowing for unparalleled freshness, hopness, and excellentness.

We’ve taken full advantage of being insanely close to Tasmania’s Derwent Valley hop-growing region and brewed a limited-release Fresh Hop Lager for 2019.

Using only freshly-plucked Tasmanian Enigma hops, we’ve found that lighter beer styles tend to carry the big stone-fruit character of the fresh Enigma best. It’s clean, balanced and sessionable, with bright spice and fruit in spades.

There’s not much of it, and it’s only going to be available on tap at selected venues. Fresh Hop beers are best enjoyed sooner rather than later (you know, while fresh), so grab it while you can.


(While stocks last)

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) - Berriedale.
Tom McHugos - Hobart.
Dirty Pennies - Hobart.
Jack Greene - Hobart.
Preachers Hobart - Hobart.
Saint John Craft Beer - Launceston.
Tandy's Alehouse - Launceston .

The Prince Alfred - Port Melbourne.
The Lincoln - Carlton.
The Pig and Whistle - Olinda.
Mount Macedon Hotel - Macedon.