Moo Brew Mixed Cartons

A lucky dip of Moo, just for you. A sixer each of Pilsner, Session, Dark and Pale Ale.


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A mix of your favourite Moo beers in one practical beer-carrying box.

6 x Pilsner
The Moo Brew Pilsner looks to redefine the classic lager with a nice dose of German Spalt hops, challenging the cherished belief that pilsners can only be made in Pilsen. Rules are meant to be broken.

6 x Pale Ale
The one explicitly referred to as our Pale Ale is a contemporary American style featuring US Simcoe and Centennial hops. These hops offer a floral and citrus aroma, with densely layered Dark Crystal and Carapils malts amongst a bunch of others, making for a satisfying dose of bitterness.

6 x Dark Ale
Our Dark Ale is legendary, lightly hopped with American Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade hops. Using the darker end of the spectrum of crystal malts, makes for a nicely roasted dark beer that's surprisingly good for a session.

6 x Session Ale
Does what it says on the tin. Session ale. American and Tassie hops give plenty of aroma and tropical fruit character, plus a tight, hoppy bitterness. A healthy dose of German specialty malts results in a rich honey-coloured ale with a full, dry finish. Plus it's only 3.5%, so you can settle in for.. well. Whatever you feel like. It'll be there for you.