Battle of the Cans

Good Beer Week Melbourne, Friday 11th MAY 2018

Drink beer.

Watch live art.

Vote for art with your empty beer can.

Drink new beer with that same art on your can 5 days later.

Moo Brew is hosting a State-of-Origin Art Battle, with beer cans this Good Beer Week.
We’ve recruited a Melbourne & Hobart artist who will go head to head to create the art they'd like to see featured on a limited release Moo Brew can this Good Beer Week.
The artists get to choose the art, and you (the beer drinker) get to choose which art translates to beer.

Good Beer Week Festival Hub, Beer DeLuxe Federation Square.

Melbourne artist Kenz Kritpan (@kenz)
Hobart artist Laura McMahon (@brainfoetus)
Super limited seasonal harvest ale - the Moo Brew Wet Hop Engima XPA.

Live Art Battle to take place from 12pm on Friday 11th May - Opening Night Party.
Voting ends Sunday 13th May.
New beer can ready by Friday 18th May at The Hub for Good Beer Week’s closing weekend,
$5 festival can special.

The Result:

Hobart’s @brainfoetus hailing as the beer drinker’s choice of can art.

Battle of the Cans