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Limited Release Berliner Weisse

So German it comes with shit techno.

Ja, our latest limited release is pretty German. It’s the most German thing we’ve ever done. The only thing that could make it more German would be if it came with its own techno track. So, we went ahead and made one. Listen to it below- there’s yeast involved. We hope it makes you thirsty.

And das beer? This one’s fantastisch–pale, light and refreshing. We even threw a bit of passionfruit into the mix to deliver a bit of tropical-fruit character. Couple all of the above with a fresh bread-dough malt influence and you’ve got one hell of a beer banger.

Supremely sessionable (3.0% ABV), this beer was built for smashing in the sun. And once the sun goes down, you can pump up the techno and make party like a true Berliner.

Mmm. Suckle the German-ness on tap at the following bier hallens:

Or buy das cans here: