Our vending machine decides which beer you get

First spin at Melbourne Festival October 2017

Did the world really need a Moo Brew Roulette Vending Machine? Probably not.

Head Brewer Dave Macgill is to blame for the idea:
“Moo Brew has 6 core beer styles, so we thought we’d invent a vending machine that encouraged you try a different one each time. Basically, you pull the handle and the machine decides which one you get.”

But, as with all games of roulette, there is risk involved, and that risk is a one in seven chance of getting a can of Fosters.

To bring the idea to life Moo Brew enlisted technology company FINCH, who designed and built the machine in-house, with a team of 6 Mechatronic Engineers, 3D Artists and Production Designers.
FINCH’s Director of Technology, Emad Tahtouh: “Every once in a while an opportunity to build something wonderful and fantastical presents itself, which is just too good to pass up. When Moo Brew asked us to design and build a Russian Roulette inspired vending machine, where customers could put their beer selection in the hands of fate, how could we resist?”

Moo Brew’s Can Roulette Vending Machine had its first outing at The Newtown Hotel on King Street in Sydney, before working its way down to the Melbourne Festival where it will appear at the opening and closing night parties, as well as at The Garden State Hotel from October 6 - 21 October. You can catch Head Brewer Dave for a beer on the machine’s first night at Garden State - his shout.

Eventually this triumph of technology, art and yeast will find a permanent home back in Tasmania at Mona (the Museum of Old and New Art) from Mid November in the depths of the Void bar.

There was some concern Walshy would claim it for his ‘private collection’, so hopefully it makes it down there.